The Absolute Best Way to Set a Rat Trap


Are the rats and mice creating a nuisance in your house? Are you tired of using rat killer sprays and keeping things out of their reach? Well, it’s time that you put an end to the problem for once and all. Why suffer the trouble each and every day when you can easily use the several rat traps available in the market and get rid of the problem completely and that too, without spending a lot of cash on pest control services. Learn here the best way to set rat trap.

All you need is to buy the traps from the market and use baits to lure the rats in. Though the task may seem super simple, yet in reality the results aren’t achieved as easily as said. Most of the time, people fail to catch the rats successfully or even if they do, the rats manage to escape eventually, which nullifies the entire effort. So, you need to understand how you can exactly make sure that the traps work successfully and the pests are captured at the earliest possible. Here are a few tips that will help you


Rats often shy away from new things and items. So, it is important that you first make them used to take the baits without setting up the trap. After repeating this for the first few days, the rats will get used to the bait as well as the trap and then you can actually set up the trap. Now the rat will move into the cage without a second thought.

Proper placement

Just because your entire room appears to be in a mess, doesn’t mean that rats have been everywhere. They usually target food items, soft things like cushions, wall drapes, clothing, shoes, etc. If the rats have been in your house for quite some time now, you must have already noticed their favorite attack spots. Make sure that you place the traps very close to the areas that are frequented by the rats. This will considerably enhance their chances of stepping into the trap.

Also, it would be best if you can lay the traps as naturally as possible, so that the rats may not distinguish them as setups. This will catch the rats unaware. Placing them under sheltered areas and along the fringes of the wall also increase the probability of a catch.


Usually, rats invade in groups and so, you have an infestation, it is probable that more than one rat is visiting your house. In that case, it would be prudent that you place several rat traps in different places that are frequented by the rats. Using a single trap will take a lot of time for you to dispose of the nuisance.


Though cheese and rats are commonly associated, yet cheese isn’t the best item when it comes to baits. Rather, peanut butter, bacon, dry food, nuts, hot dogs, etc. serve the best as baits. Ensure that the bait is well-placed and tightly secured to the trap so that the rat may not get a chance to flee with the bait. Make sure the bait is fresh and juicy. Also, put a few pieces or portions of the bait in areas surrounding the actual trap. This will create a natural lure. The bait is incredibly important and without it you are not doing the best way to set a rat trap.

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