Create a Plastic Bottle Rat Trap Quickly & Easily


Rats can be quite a nuisance within the house and even commercial institutions. Wild rats reside in jungles but the domestic rats are found within residential areas. They can contaminate food items and drinking water too. Also, rats are known to be carriers of various dangerous diseases.

You should stay away from rats and make sure that they do not infect the food as they have a tendency of doing so. Also, rats scuttle around the house, therefore, they create a mess around. There are numerous ways by which you can get rid of a rat. You can get hold of electronic rat traps which capture the rat and then you can dispose of the dead body of the rat according to your convenience.

Also, there are other ways like using rodenticides which will lure the rat into the trap. You will be able to capture the rats live and get rid of all the nuisances that it has been creating. Many people cannot afford to buy rat traps and many stores often run out of them. Therefore, it is best if you can make a plastic bottle rat trap on your own.

It would be cost-effective as well as very easy to use. If a rodent issue is pestering you and you are looking for a solution since long, here is it. We have provided you with the instructions to make the bottle rat trap. The instructions have chronological steps and you need to follow them carefully in order to get it done. This trap will take you even less than a minute to make it.

Very basic items will come to your rescue when you want to make this bottle trap. The best part about this is that it will allow you to build multiple units that you can use for several situations. This is how you can make a plastic bottle rat trap.

Things that you will need

  1. A soda or even a water bottle of 1.25 Liters or even bigger
  2. A pair of scissors
  3. A tape
  4. A craft knife

Steps that you will have to followrepel-rodents-plastic-bottle-rat-trap

  • You have to cut off the neck of the bottle. Leave 1 inch from the threaded section and make the cut from there. Then make the cut about 2 inches below the cut that you just made. Keep two large pieces of the bottle aside. These will prove to be helpful when you will make the trap. You can keep the neck of the bottle aside too.
  • Take the top section which is of a smaller size that will act as the funnel. Then cut some slices 1 inch below down it starting from the end from where you have removed the thread or the opening off. You have to make the cuts diagonally in order to form the spikes. They might not need to be spikes but they should prevent the rat from climbing or jumping back into the funnel.
  • Then, you need to apply some tape around the rim of the funnel. Then you need to insert the funnel into the bottom of the funnel. After this you need to fold the tape over the edge to seal the funnel in position. Also, you can wish to add a little more tape in order to secure it fully.
  • The rats will be trapped very effectively. Thus, you get rid of these unwanted rodents. Inside one 1.25 L bottle, you can trap around 3 rats.

Disposal of the rat

If you intend to set the rat free, then all you need to do is to cut the tape and then remove the funnel. But you have to make sure that you drop the rats at a long distance away from your home or even property. Make sure you also dispose of the rat trap bottle if you do not intend on using it again.

However, you do not need to dispose of the rat permanently if you do not want to. Then we would suggest a bucket of water. You have to put the bottle in the bucket of water and then place a brick over it in order to submerge the trap fully. Just move away from there. Return when the entire business is over. It is preferable that you empty the contents of the trap and then reuse it.

Try this rat trap using plastic bottle and get rid of the rodents!

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