Diseases Spread by Mice


Mice are hairy creatures and live in dark and warm places. They can be seen running around the place where they live searching for food. Since they are omnivores so they eat anything and if can’t find food then they can even eat other mice but that’s very rare. Mice are human friendly which doesn’t mean they are friendly towards humans; it only means that they live with humans just for food and warm place.

Once they enter the house, all they do is eat every day and run beside the walls. If they can’t find open spaces for them to pass through, they make their own, but chew their way to the other side which can be a problem for us. They can easily pass through ¼ of an inch which is small which means if the doors of your house are a little higher from the ground then they can easily enter through them.

Different breeds of mice

They are different from rats. They are much smaller and less violent. Mice achieve maturity after 5 weeks after their birth and start mating. They can reproduce at a rapid rate and can give birth to 5-6 baby mice on an average in one go.

If your house has mice infestation, then you can easily track it. Mice are known to leave behind their excreta or poop on their way. They run through weird place and leave poop, which infest bacteria and diseases. Also, they chew things from the corners either it is wooden door or books. If you have mice in your house, then you can easily identify them because they must have chewed something somewhere

But is it safe for us to live with them?

The answer is No. They are spreading diseases without us knowing. There are plenty of diseases that are caused by mice that can make humans sick and even kill us.


These small creatures might look innocent and harmless, but they are causing us more harm than good. When they crawl through our house they leave behind a lot of bacteria and pathogens that can spread deadly diseases. So, let’s get started.

Food Poisoning or Salmonellosis

This is one of the most common diseases that any mammal can catch who live near mice. Mice while searching for food in your kitchen can leave germs and infection. If the food has been infected with a mouse, then trust me, you should throw it away. Eating infected food can cause severe food poisoning and if not treated on time can even lead to death.

You can easily identify the symptoms of food poisoning. Like having high fever, diarrhea, and cramps in stomach and vomiting. Generally, symptoms can be identified within a day or two. So try to see for the symptoms and go for the treatment as soon as possible. This kind of disease cannot be treated on its own, so try to get some medical attention.

This can be avoided by packing the food in a container which is inaccessible to mice. Also try to keep the kitchen clean and avoid leftovers. Mice are attracted towards dirt and the smell of food, that’s why you should always keep your house clean and keep the food away from their reach. This way you can avoid food poisoning.


This is the most dangerous disease and has affected a large part of humanity in the history. This is a disease caused by small rodents (rats and mice). In the past when men use to travel through sea from one place to another, then these rodents also boarded the ships and started spreading rapidly. This way they reached different countries and literally killed a large population of humans by spreading diseases and plague is on the top of that.

There are many symptoms of plague like swollen skin which looks like a bubble. It is nothing but an infestation of bacteria which spreads throughout the body and cause high fever and inability to work or even move. Plague can put a body in a condition of shock and paralyze parts of the body.

Plague is a deadly disease that can lead to death if not treated quickly. Most of the time you can’t even see the symptoms before it’s too late. So, try to get medical attention as this disease can be treated easily with antibiotics.


The virus carried by mice can cause the flu. They can spread in humans by touching the mice or getting in contact with its saliva or urine. Humans can easily catch this disease. Just the presence of mice in a household can create a high risk of disease. But Hantavirus can be treated with antibiotics. The virus can easily affect small children and mainly newborns which can make them sick. So, if you see any symptoms of flu, then get tested and prevent it before it spreads.

Weil’s disease

Weil’s disease is caused when leptospirosis develops into serious form, which means that if the condition gets severe then it can lead to internal bleeding and eventual death.

Weil’s disease can lead to jaundice and swollen ankles. Vomiting of blood is also common with high pain in chest. This is a deadly and yet most underrated disease and if not treated in a certain time (mainly 12 to 72 hours) then it can cause death of the patient. So look up for the symptoms and get medical attention immediately.

Rickettsial pox

These are basically small mites that live on the skin of rats and mice. They want a host to live on and they can easily spread from mice to humans. They cause fever and rash on the body. You can have a severe headache if you get infected by them. This can spread throughout the body in a short period of time that’s why you should try to get tested if you see any symptoms and get medical attention. This Rickettsial pox can be easily treated with antibiotics.

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