Diseases Spread By Rats


Throughout the history, rats have been proven to cause nuisance to humans and even wiping out a large population. These creatures can grow to an average maximum height of 18 inches.  After just 60 days of their birth, they start reproducing which is the major cause of increased rat population throughout the countries. They can weight up to 300 grams.

Rats have smaller fur than those of mice and have small ears, so they can be easily distinguished from each other. Rats are hard to find as they are known to avoid humans and live among each other. They can be found in dark places like drain pipes or underground pipe network. They usually stay under buildings or inside the walls. They prefer warm places.

Rats are different than mice. They are more dominant and aggressive. Rats show different types of defense when under attack. They even attack humans if they feel threatened in any way.

When it comes to eating, rats don’t leave anything. They can eat from the garbage or anything edible, they can find. Many say that rats eat food that is high in protein and nutrition like fruits, vegetable, meat, etc. If hungry, they can even turn towards each other to eat. There have been many cases in the past when rats have attacked small kids for food. That’s why you should never let a rat live in your house and try to eliminate them with the help of professionals. If rats are living in the open, like in a forest or a field, then they are more prone to the attack of predators like snakes and owls. Since rats are nocturnal that’s why, that’s why many other animals hunt at night for them.

In many countries, the population of rats has gotten out of hands. They are disturbing the human lifestyle and spreading over big areas. That’s why many measures have been taken to eliminate them in big numbers.

There are many ways to keep the rats out of your house like keeping the doors and windows shut and using rat traps and most effective of them all is rat poison, but it can create a hell lot of mess once they die and start to rot.

Rats are dangerous creatures. They might look small but they carry diseases and they even bite those who threaten them or those who come in their way.  Now, let’s see what kind of diseases these small creatures carry.

Diseases caused by rats

Rat-bite Fever

As the rats are very aggressive and defensive creatures, they tend to defend themselves by biting the predator. Rats usually contain bacteria which can spread through their urine or feces and even their bites and scratch can result in spreading the bacteria.

Humans can easily get infected if they live near colonies of rats. Rats can infect the food in the house which after coming in contact with humans can cause fever and other diseases like infection in the heart, brain and even lungs. Swelling in internal organs can also be a result of it.

Luckily, this can easily be treated with the help of antibiotics. So if you’ve been bitten by a rat and see any kind of ulcer or pus formation on the wound then seek for medical attention.


One of the most deadly diseases of all time, which once shook the humans in the history, plague has caused mass wipe out of human population in the history.

This is basically an infection caused by the rats. Since rats carry fleas which contain bacteria and when it comes in contact with the humans then a flea bite can be proven really harmful.

Plague is one of the deadliest diseases, but can be cured with antibiotics if symptoms are caught in time. Sometimes plague can kill someone before the symptoms come forward. So, if you see rats anywhere inside your house then try to eliminate them anyhow for your own safety.


Hosting on the body of rats, this disease is the result of bacteria known as Bartonella. Rats usually get this disease after getting bit by mosquitoes or other arthropods. This bacterium started to spread during the First World War, which caused infection leading to inflammation of the heart and even diseases in the eye. But due to lack of antibiotics, many people died in history. But now it is easily treatable with the help of antibiotics. You can avoid this by avoiding any contact with the rats and eliminating rats from your household.


This is the virus which comes under the list of deadliest viruses. This virus can cause severe damage to human body. It gives you high fever, severe weakness in body and shock.

The thing about this virus is that it is not treatable with antibiotics. They are caused by very few species of rats.

They can spread through infected food which contains any kind of rat’s excreta or urine. Coming in contact with that can make humans really sick and hard to treat. They are many other ways of transmission of this virus. Still, try to avoid any contaminated food or food you might think came in contact with the rats.

Rat Tapeworm

This is the host that needs another body to infest. They generally prefer warm bodies.  These tapeworms enter the body of the host and find its way to the intestine of the creature to absorb protein and nutrients. They are deadly as they spread rapidly once they start laying eggs inside the body.

They can get easily transmitted through any kind of contaminated food. If they are in a rat’s body then their eggs can come out through their excretion and coming in contact with it can transmit them to the human body.

There are many symptoms that can tell their presence in a body which includes severe pain in the stomach that are more like cramps, and out of control diarrhea, restlessness and itching inside anal cavity. This may not cause death, but it is worse to have to a parasite living and reproducing inside your body and making you weak and sick every day.

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