House Mice In-Depth


A tiny rodent with fur on its body and a sharp nose, generally known as mice can be seen anywhere near a human habitat. These small creatures have spread across countries which used to be found only in Asia. They can adapt to different habitats which has made them evolve and now can be distinguished in different types. There are more than a hundred species of mice around the world. These are hairy creatures and can be easily distinguished from rats as they are bigger in size and not all the rats have hair on their body. These creatures can generally grow to a maximum size of 18 cm and weigh less than an ounce.

HabitsHouse Mice - Repel Rodents 1

Since these mice are spread across different countries, so it is not very hard to determine their habits or behavior. Whichever the kind of mice it is, they all want one thing that is continuous food supply. Mice usually prefer to live in dark and secluded areas that are out of the reach of humans or the places which humans neglect. If they are living in wild or let’s say they are living in a farm, then they are prone to attack of predators, so they usually dig a hole in the ground and live there. That burrow keeps them warm and safe. They can also be termed as night crawlers as they usually sleep in the morning and become active at night to find food. The mice living in the wild usually avoid other animals and humans other than their own kind, but the domestic ones that are living in your house are a little friendly but they are always ready to run if they sense any kind of danger.

Mice are always in search of a warm place to live and what’s better than the company of humans whose houses are warm and filled with food. That’s why mice prefer to live with humans. There are many different types of domestic mice which can be easily seen in one house or another. They enter the houses through various means and once they get inside, they make it their own territory. These mice are a big problem as they reproduce like crazy. 3weeks after the birth of mice, it gets sexually mature and starts mating and generally gives birth to at least 5 baby mice at once. The more the mice, the more food they eat and being omnivores, they eat everything from grass to meat. If they can’t find food they even turn towards each other and in some rare cases they even attack humans. But there is nothing to worry about. They are friendly creatures and usually prefer to interact with their own kind.

How to track their presence?House Mice - Repel Rodents 2

Generally, if you have mice in your house, then you can easily see them running here and there aimlessly. Also, you can easily identify their presence by the poop they leave in your house. They generally leave them in mid of their path where they are going. It looks like a tiny bullet pointed at both ends and it has fur stuck to it.

They can create nuisance as they bite anything. If they are trapped in your book shelf, then they will chew the end of the books and they even chew the corner of the gates to make an entrance for themselves. They are hungry creatures and need food at an average of 20 times a day. So, they eat everything that comes in their way when they are hungry.

They are not limited to the grounds. They can actually jump up to 30 cm which means they can easily climb up to the shelf where you’ve hidden your food. They cause disease due to these features. They carry loads of bacteria and pathogens which can make humans really sick.

PreventionHouse Mice - Repel Rodents

Try to seal all the small openings that can become a passage in mice to barge into your house. As they can pass through ¼ of an inch so try to cover up small spaces. This can become a first and important step towards their prevention. Try to avoid wood for sealing the openings as the mouse can easily chew his way into the house. Keep doors and windows closed if the mouse attacks have become serious.

Put all the food in a packed container and keep your house clean. Mice can easily find their way through the drain pipe to the sink if it is dirty or there is food stuck in it. If mice are already in then try to hide all the food and don’t leave anything for them.

If the problem is getting severe then you can always opt for rat poison. It works like magic and kill the mice, but if not found, their dead bodies can stink the whole house.

You can also plant small traps that are fully covered and have no gap in between as mice can pass through small spaces. This way you can catch the mice and throw them out of your house.

Finding a dead mouse

Since mice are also living creatures which means they age and they die. They can die either because of their end of life extent or they can die due to poison or getting killed by humans. Whatever the reason, their bodies can stink like hell. This is the way with which you can easily find dead body of a mouse. The dead bodies are easy to find if they are stuck under the bed or behind the shelves. Before removing the body, try to spray any kind of disinfectant and after removing the body wash the area thoroughly.

Since house mice have low life expectancy that’s why many people avoid them, but they can become a real problem once they start mating. You will never know when those two mice in your house became ten. They reproduce at a rapid rate and that’s how they’ve been able to survive through centuries.

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