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Rodents can prove to be quite troublesome within the domestic sphere. They consume food items and create litter all over the house. Rats are notorious creatures which will bother you by scampering around the house and messing up things. Not only there would be chaos in your house, they are very unhygienic too. Your food and personal products can be contaminated too since rat’s act as the bearers of many contagious diseases. So as they say, it is best to nip it in the bud. Rodent control, rat control more specifically, is of utmost importance if you want to stay safe. This will also make sure you know what rat trap to use.

There are various ways by which you can carry out rat control. Some of them have been described below:

Rat control productsrepel-rodents-rat-control-2

Rodenticide packs

These packs contain one external grade baiting box which is lockable in nature. Apart from it, the pack also contains Bromadiolone blocks, gloves, disposal bags as well as an advice sheet.

Advanced Rodenticide packs

These packs contain everything that you need to combat a huge number of rats. Apart from the blocks, you will get sufficient poison that will be enough to kill about 25 or even 100 mice. Also, you will get external plastic bait stations as well as keys. This one pack is the ideal one for large rat infestation.

Rodential blocks

These blocks are very easy to handle as well as looks very attractive to the rats. The blocks contain around 15 various kinds of food products that are attractive to the rodents. They are carefully blended with the blocks in order to make them one of the most appealing poisoned baits for the rats. The blocks also come with perfect gnawing surfaces that are preferred by the rodents. They are combined along with extended life in the field so they would be more useful in the outdoor settings.

Rat baiting boxes

These are black plastic rat bait boxes which are tamper resistant being provided with plastic keys. The boxes also come with wall fixing bracket.

Electronic Mouse killer

This is the most human way of killing rats and does not create a mess. These are not meant for outdoor use. You have to simply place the peanut butter in the unit and wait till the rat arrives. As the rat enters, it will tread on a footplate that is of high power. As a result, it will stun as well as electrocute the rat. You do not need to touch the dead body, just pick the unit up and empty it into the waste bin.

Learning the rat control methodsrepel-rodents-rat-control

Now, we will enlighten you about the rat control methods The process of rat control consists of 5 steps.

  1. Inspection is the most crucial step for getting rid of rats. Setting the trap for the rats would be a lot easier for you if you know the location of the rats.
  2. Another important technique if frat control is exclusion. This will help to get rid of the rats by preventing them from entering your home or the structure around which you do not want rats. Rats are much easier to exclude when compared to the mice since rats are usually larger in size. Therefore, they cannot enter through all openings and openings which are bigger than ½” should be sealed.
  3. Sanitation plays a very important role too. You can stuff copper mesh around pipes as well as utility lines to get rid of rats. The various openings like the outdoor faucets, gas meters, vents of cloth dryers. You should check once to see if the shingles are tight enough or not. Also, there is a gun foam which will expand into voids as well as cracks and crevices. The moisture-curing foam is composed of polyurethane. This will help to seal the entry points of the places where the rats have possibilities to enter. The foam also bonds surfaces as a cured foam. The best part about it is that it does not decompose under sunlight.
  4. Rats are afraid of any new objects, new foods or even transformed environments generally. By nature, rats always tend to explore new environments and are very suspicious. Therefore, traps, as well as bait stations, should be avoided for the initial days. They are clever and approach any new or unfamiliar food with utmost caution. They tend to avoid the traps which are set for them. Therefore, the traps should be placed in areas which have a high concentration of rat activity.
  5. Trapping and using rodenticides are the most common methods of rat control, the products of which we have discussed before. Trapping is very convenient since it makes sure that you can dispose of the rats before their odor becomes an issue.

Learn what to look for in a rat control companyrepel-rodents-rat-control

There are various rat control companies which will provide you with professional help in getting rid of rats. These might not be in your local area, but are a good guideline for what you should be looking for when hiring a pest extermination company.


With their headquarters in Atlanta, this company will provide you with a free consultation. Then they will perform a comprehensive inspection of your locality and will identify the spots that have the maximum rodent activity. Then they will carry out exclusion. Also, they will provide you with detailed sanitation guides to eliminate attractants and help you maintain a clean environment. Monitoring and maintenance will be followed by the baits and traps.

American rat control

Located in Los Angeles, this company will provide you with the 14 point inspection which is highly detailed in nature. The attic space, your kitchen, the space under the sink, the foundation to the roof, the garage door, the space around it, everything will be examined. It is followed by the usual steps.

Quantum Pest management service

Their service of rat control is utterly professional as well as eco-friendly. It is also very safe and they extend it to commercial establishments and even the interiors of residences. They will perform all the steps to make your area get rid of rats.

Rat control is very important and you should not refrain from performing it!

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