Rat trap or mouse trap? Which is better?



Every morning when you wake up, you are confronted with a nightmare. You find your kitchen, living room, and other areas vandalized – not by thugs or burglars, but by the tiny devils that
frequent your house and the various rooms when the lights are off for the day.

Yes, rodents like rats and mice are a terror in most households and even in commercial areas. They hardly appear during the day, making them impossible to catch during the day and they are damn fast as well. Understanding the difference between a rat trap or mouse trap is huge. Not everyone knows the difference between a rat trap or mouse trap and we are here to explain it all.

They may be small in size, but the damage that they cause is quite considerable. Not only do they eat out of the eatables that may be present in the kitchen or other areas of the house, but they also chew on cloth, paper, furniture, drapes, etc. thereby causing a total nuisance. So, the general practice is to catch or kill them as fast as possible to minimize the damage that they can cause. And the best way to do is to use traps that can capture as well as kill these rodents without any fuss.

It has often been seen that people fail to use the traps successfully. While the bait is used and the proper set up of the trap play an important role in the successful capture of the rodent, yet something else is quite important as well and that is, the proper choice of the trap.

Choosing the right trap for your pest problemrepel-rodents-rat-trap-vs-mouse-trap-1

Though it might sound pretty foolish, yet it is important that you first determine whether the rodent is a rat or a mouse. Yes, it might sound pretty stupid, but determining this very important as the choice of the trap and its successful use depends on this fact because there is a wide difference between rat and mouse traps and their use.

Size of the rat trap

The first and foremost difference is the size. A mouse is usually 2-3 inches long while a rat usually grows upto 18-20 inches. Thus, the size of a mouse trap will be much smaller than that of a rat trap and choosing the right size is important if you want to catch the pest successfully.

Building out the rat trap

Another feature that differentiates a rat trap from a mouse trap is how they are built. Mouse traps are made in such way that they trigger the curious nature of the mice and invite them to come close and actually venture into the trap. On the other hand, rats are very cautious by nature and hence, rat traps should essentially be inconspicuous and laid in a way that they merge well with the surroundings.

The rodent killing action

Mice being small but swift in nature require traps that can close down swiftly, thereby preventing the rodent from escaping. But in the case of rats, the scenario is quite different. They are bigger in size and have much more strength which is why mice traps may not be good at keeping them caged. Rat traps are specially designed so that they close down with great force and remain closed even though the rat applies all its strength to escape.

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