Tips & Tricks On How to Remove Rats


Rats are one of those creatures that have been troubling humans throughout the history. These small hairy creatures enter our houses for food and shelter and decide to stay without our consent. They hide under our beds or in the kitchen constantly looking for food. They somehow find their way into our houses, even if we keep our doors and windows shut.

Their strong sense of smelling lures them to the food we just threw into our garbage or the dirty dishes in the sink. The thing is that these small creatures carry bacteria and pathogens that can make us sick. Some of the diseases like plague, rat-bite fever, arenavirus, Hantavirus, Weil’s disease, etc. from rats can put the lives of many in danger. Rats are troublesome creatures that usually damage the things in our houses. Rats eat 15-20 times a day and they have a habit of chewing things. You can always identify their presence by the teeth marks they leave at the corner of wooden doors or books. They harm us in one way or another.

That’s why we’ll discuss some ways you can eliminate the rodents from your household.

Pack the Food

This might sound very basic but trust me when it comes to rats, this can really be proven helpful. Leaving the leftovers in the kitchen or in a room might be a bad idea because if there are rats in your house then it is a treat for them. Packing your food in a container that is inaccessible to the rats is a good way to get rid of them. Also try to put the seal the garbage box, this way they won’t be able to find food in your house and may decide to leave your house.

Moth Balls

Moth balls are one of the best ways to repel rats. Rats usually avoid moth balls, so putting them in the kitchen or on the shelves or at any corner can help you to keep the rats away. The smell of these balls is unpleasant that’s why it works like magic against the rats.

Rat Trap

This is one of the easiest ways to catch rats and throw them out of your house. All you must do is put the bait in the trap to attract the rat and wait for the rat to enter the trap. This might take some time, but when it gets caught in it, then leave it somewhere far from your house so it won’t come back.

Rat poison

Rat poison is one of those things that are very easy to find in the market, but not all of them work and might be proven dangerous to children living in the house. So, if you are going for a rat poison, then use it carefully and leave the poison at places that are inaccessible to kids. Once the rat eats the rat poison, it will take an hour or two for it to die. Once it dies, the body starts to emit foul smell which can help you to find it. Try not to touch the body with bare hands and always put disinfectant in the place where you found the body to avoid any bacteria or infection to grow. At last, safely dispose of the body.

Hire Professionals

Hiring a professional is a great idea as they know where to look and how to catch the rats. Look for the companies that provide the best services and choose the ones that are not too expensive and do the work easily.

Owning a Pet

This might look like going too far, but owning a cat can actually help in getting rid of the rats. Cats are good hunters and can easily hunt down the rats in the house clearing your house of all the rodents.

Cover up the openings

Rats can pass through small openings which can make it easier for them to get inside your house. So, if you want to avoid them getting inside your house then try to cover up small openings with metal plates or anything that is not wood. As they can easily chew up the wood and make their way into your house. Also, try to cover small drain pipes by stuffing them up. And finally, always keep your doors and windows close in your absence. This way you can make your house rodent proof.

Owl’s feather or rubber snakes

Owls and snakes being their natural predators can scare them away. If you have rat’s infestation in your house, then you can always put owl’s feathers inside the house also you can put rubber snakes inside your house or in the lawn.

This might not look effective as rats are smart, but it actually works.

Glue boards & baking soda

This is one of the most barbaric ways to get rid of the rats. Make sure if you can really use them or hate rats the most because this will surely kill the rats in the most painful way. What these boards basically do is when you put them somewhere in your house and the rat climbs on it then because of the glue, it gets stuck on it. The glue is so strong that it becomes impossible for the rat to escape it. Sometimes they even chew off their legs to escape and even suffocate to death if their face gets stuck on it.

Once they get trapped on it, then you can either smash them, which will end their suffering instantly or you can throw them out with the board. This is not the most humane way of getting rid of them, but it can really help with the rat problem in your house.

Some people believe that pouring baking soda along the walls where rats are usually seen running or the expected place where they hide can really help in drawing them away from the house.

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