Find the Best Rat Trap Bait

Trapping mice is really tricky and those who feel that the task to get rid of rats end at acquiring the best rat traps should come out of the misconception, they are living with.

What matters more is the next step of identifying and having the best rat bait. Rat traps do not allure the rats but the rat bait do therefore it is necessary to get the best rat trap bait in order to ensure that your investment in buying a rat trap doesn’t go waste. Here in this article, we will take you through how to win over your small rodent enemy by applying the right techniques.

What is  the best rat trap bait?repel-rodents-rat-trap-bait

It is said that rats tend to be cautious of strange new objects in their territory therefore prior to finally setting the trap for a catch, make your mouse comfortable with the new thing by placing the bait for a day or two. Moreover they require a good reason to enter the trap set by you and here is where the best rat trap bait comes into picture. Rat trap bait is the most significant thing to get hold of a mouse since this is what lures the mice into the rat trap.

The way a rat trap needs to be chosen post researching what suits your needs; similarly the best rat trap bait also needs to be chosen wisely. Every small rodent whether it is a brown rat or a mice are attracted towards different types of baits therefore we need to ensure that the trap set for the rodents are baited with their favourite food. The best rat trap food is usually parallel with a rat’s diet.

Generally speaking, the mice are fond of nuts, chocolate, bread or meat, sunflower seeds, peanut butter and so on however cheese is also considered to be good rat bait. In case you know the type of rodent then you can choose the rat bait accordingly however if you are not sure about the species then use a rat trap bait like peanut butter or dry fruits as these two things appeal to all types of rats.

How does it work with rat traps?

What to put on a rat trap, is a question people often ask. They might ask what bait to put in a rat trap, as well. Setting rat trap the right way is necessary else all your efforts go in vain. Without rat trap bait, a rat trap is absolutely useless and will solve no purpose of yours so that very first thing that needs to be ensured is placing a tempting rat bait so that the rodents willingly enters the rat trap. When you are placing rat bait then make sure to put small amount of bait only since that will make the rats to apply more force and it will ultimately trigger the stimulant to have the rat caught inside the trap.

The more bait is placed, the more easy it becomes for the rats to remove it without even disturbing the trap. So the focus should be on placing the best rat trap bait in such a manner that would require the rats to put in extra pressure to get hold of the bait and that would result in them being trapped inside the trap. However you should not be surprised to see that the bait is gone but the trap is still empty.

As soon as the rat smells the bait, it comes near the trap and tries to remove it from the trap but this is what actuates the trigger – the retainer slips, releasing the clamp that finally closes. Once the mouse is seized by the clamp, it rarely happens that the mice can escape. Please keep your own fingers safe from the clamp since a small mistake can have your fingers in the place of mouse.

Types of rat bait


It is often mistaken that rats and cheese go well together just like monkeys and bananas but is it really the truth? It is a mistake that people do who have been tired of setting up traps to catch the rodents in their house. The truth is far from what is thought of by the masses. The mice are inclined towards savouring high protein and fat content over cheese that is why peanut butter, hazelnut spread, chocolate, bacon etc. are considered the best rat baits. Also, keep in mind that the different kinds of baits work differently in different regions. The best bait for rat trap Australia won’t work as well in Canada. Same as the best bait for rat trap UK won’t work as well in Australia.

There are a variety of rat baits available in the market however choosing the best rat trap bait largely depends on the rodent species. Black rats are vegetarians and Brown rats eat both flesh and plant foods. In case you do not know which rat is troubling you then it is advisable to use a plant food like peanut butter to serve as bait for the rat trap.

In addition to the above rat baits, there exist three major types of rat baits. These will also give you any idea you may have for homemade rat trap bait ideas:

  1. Bromethalin – It is a kind of neurotoxin that directly affects the brain and liver of the rodents and the results can be noticed within few hours of its ingestion. There exists no antidote therefore better not to use it in case you have pets at your home.
  2. Vitamin-based – It targets at flooding the rat’s internal system with fat soluble vitamins like Vitamin D. The pace at which it works is slower and can take up to a full day to show the results.
  3. Anti-coagulants – These are those poisons that take a few days to show the results and contain chemicals that interfere with blood clotting. Fumarin and warfarin are the most common names among them.

Best rat bait brands and products

Rodents can be quite an annoyance if not dealt with appropriately; the situation worsens in case they get a chance to breed. The numbers in which rats reproduce are not restricted to few tens or hundreds however they extend to a few thousands per year i.e. a pair of common rats can reproduce few thousands in every year.

Therefore it is preferable to have a full proof plan in place to get rid of rats in one go. The rat poisons or rat baits that exist in the market have time and again proved their efficacy in being the best way to remove the rats however choosing the best rat trap bait brand becomes difficult.

Let us take you through the best rat trap bait brands to help you find a onetime fix for your rats’ issue.

D-Con Rat & Mouse Bait Pellets

Rats and mice get attracted to stinky, sulphurous smells; the D-con Rat & Mouse Bait Pellets were made to work on this mechanism i.e. they release a peculiar smell that makes it irresistible for the rats and mice and they come running towards the rat trap station themselves. These pellets are tempting enough for other rats and mice to join in with ease. These are the best rat trap bait peanut butter. The main constituent is Brodifacoum that kills the rats and mice within few hours of its intake. One of the best bait for rat trap cage.


MOTOMCO Tomcat Mouse and Rat Liquid Concentrated Bait

The rats have a tendency to drink water regularly just like humans and that is what is the underlying principle of MOTOMCO Tomcat Mouse and Rat Liquid Concentrated Bait. Using this you can contaminate any of the water sources that seem to be the drinking place for the rats and mouse of your house. The moment they drink the contaminated water, this rat bait initiates the work and the rats are killed within a few hours only.


Havoc Rat & Mouse Bait

Who doesn’t want to have something that can help accomplish the task of killing the rats and mouse in one go, that too, with least efforts? If you also fall in the same category then Havoc Rat & Mouse Bait is meant for you. Prepared with special ingredients, it is a powerful temptation for the rats which they just cannot resist. The effect also stays longer than the other ones and is generally used around the agricultural buildings to protect the crop. By far one of the best rat trap bait Australia.


D-con Mouse Prufe II 4 Pack

It is considered to be America’s No. 1 mouse killer brand and is strong enough to kill the rats and mouse in a single feeding itself. Its unique wedge shape reduces the scruffiness during the process of placement and it can easily fit into hard to reach areas as well. It is made up of a unique type of poison that was prepared to kill warfarin resistant house mice that have a tendency to develop immunity against it over generations.


Tomcat All Weather Bait Chunx

While this bait is also one of the best bait for Victor Rat Trap, it works well for almost any other rat trap. It comes in big pack and is ideal for those who do not want to get into the hassle of ordering or buying it again and again. Manufactured from human food grade constituents, it is much tougher that a barnyard cat for keeping a check on the number of rats and mice. Moreover the large pack ensures that a large area can be treated with just one bucket itself. This is also some of the best rat trap poison available on the market. Very easy to get your hands on for any rodent problem. Is considered one of the best bait for electronic rat trap.


Just1Bite 88CT 16OZ Bar

It comes with the warning to be used with your gloves on since it is potent enough to hit your health hard. As the name suggests, a single small bite can kill the rats and mice in no time hence keeping you safe of the trouble that comes along. This comes in the form of bars that can be broken down in small pieces with ease and spread across the infested area.


D-Con Ready Mix Bait Bits

Considered to be the top ranker in its performance in killing the rats and mice, the Brodifacoum that exists in it has the capability of killing warfarin resistant rats as well. The results may be prolonged to 4-5 days but any rat or mouse that took even a small nibble is bound to die.


FAQ About Rat Baitrepel-rodents-rat-trap-bait-1

How important is it to store the rat baits away from the chemical odours like cleaning agents, insecticides etc.?

  • It is really necessary since the rats and mice can reject some chemical smelling food over the other foods available to them in their vicinity.

What to understand from the bait coloured rodent droppings?

  • It is an indication that the bait has been ingested and digested by the rats. This shows that the rats and mice are on your rat bait diet and will soon be nowhere in sight.

Is there any specific interval when the rat baits should be replaced?

  • Everything comes with an expiry and so does rat baits. It is advisable to replace the rat baits every 4-6 weeks since there is a possibility of the rats and mice not getting lured by old decayed baits.

Where will the rats and mice die post consuming the bait?

  • The poisoned rats and mice can die anywhere; this is something that is really neither in your hands nor in theirs.

How much time does any bait take to react and show results?

  • It totally depends on the bait you choose and also whether the mechanism used by you is suitable enough or not.

Is there any harm to the pets inside the house?

  • Yes. It is better to keep your pets safe from these killing baits.

What if my pet ingested the rat bait?

  • Call the helpline or contact number mentioned on the package immediately and follow what they suggest.

What size of the rat bait should I use?

  • In case it is to be placed inside a rat trap then better is to use a small size since that will make the rat use more force thereby triggering the clamp. Also there are other baits that can be left as it is at the suspected location.

Where to place the bait in case of rat trap?

  • It is recommended to place the rat bait both under and above the bait platform inside the rat trap moreover you can also place bait just outside the trap to allure the rats.


The rodents are those parasites that can destroy an empire while hiding therefore there should be no delays in taking precautionary measures to make your area a no rodent area. There are numerous ways to do it i.e. by using the rat bait directly or making use of a rat trap along with rat bait, however the rodent species, the rat bait and other factors also play a significant role in the overall process of getting rid of rats and mice. Explore and then only choose the best rat trap bait food for your house or premises so that the result is as desired and not otherwise.