The HNCSMILE® Professional Electronic Rodent Trap Review


You have been spending a large sum of money purchasing chemicals and other dangerous poisons to get rid of rodents in your home, but nothing seems to work for you. You have stumbled upon the right page. This articles, is going to review one of the best rodent trap device on the market- the HNCSMILE Electronic Rodent Trap machine.

The HNCSMILE Professional Rodent Trap has the following features

Advanced technologyrepel-rodents-hncsmile-professional-electronic-rodent-trap-1

This amazing rate killer comes with the latest rodent detection technology, which helps your rodent catching process a walk in the park. This technology also makes sure rodents such as rats and chipmunk get killed almost instantly with no chance to escape. In addition to that, the device does not contain any poison chemicals or toxic substances. Furthermore, unlike other methods of killing rodents, this method is 100 percent safe not only to the environment, but also safe to pets and human beings. Last but not least, the device can last for many years and is very strong.

Humane and scientific

This device is one of the best in the market, it is very powerful as it can release an electric shock of between 7000 and 9000 volts. This amount of electric shock is very strong to get rid of the rodents in a matter of seconds. What is more interesting about the device is the fact that the rodent does not get any pain. The whole operation is quick, clean and the animals are killed as humanely as possible. Therefore, you do not need to worry about cleaning blood on the floor, or carrying a dead rodent or killing it with your hands. This makes it the best rat trap on the market.

Widely application

Another great advantage of using the HMCSMILE rat trap is that you can use it in almost any place. You can place it in your bedroom, cook room, dining room, hotel, office and many other places that rodents love to hang around.

Specifications of HMCSMILE rat trap machinerepel-rodents-hncsmile-professional-electronic-rodent-trap

There are two ways through which you can power the HMCSMILE rat eliminator. The first one is by using 4 powerful batteries of 1.5 volts each.  On the other hand, the low battery indicator is between 4.5 volts and 5.0 volts. In addition, the static function current is approximately 0.05ma, while the high voltage functioning current is approximately 380ma.

The rat trap also has a high voltage production of about four minutes. When it comes to the new batteries, they can be supplied for the shock between twenty and thirty times.

Factors that you need to take into account when using the HMCSMILE rat trap

You should always store the device in a safe place where kids cannot access it easily.

You should always clean your machine immediately you are done using it, so that it does not smell. Remember, rats and other rodents cannot go anywhere where they smell the scent of other dead rodents. They will keep away and this is not a good thing for you.


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