Raticator Max v2 Rodent Zapper Review


The Raticator Max Rodent Zapper uses advanced infrared sensing technology as well as shock delivery system that makes it easy to kill rodents instantly. The rodent rapper is environmentally friendly, does not have any poison and it is safe to both humans and pets. Therefore, if you are looking for a green solution for rodent control, this device is what you need. With Raticator rodent zapper, you get up to 100 kills in a single set of batteries, which are also manufactured in the United States. The device comes with an email support system and a free phone to make sure that you get rid of the rodent problem in your life for good.

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This electrical device is powered by the normal household batteries that produce very strong yet human shock to rats and other types of rodents. The rodent zapper is the best choice for pest control. It is not only effective, but also clean and humane. The device uses a special patent-pending infrared system that is able to detect the presence of a rat, mouse or other types of rodents. Additionally, this super machine is powered by four strong 4D batteries. However, the batteries do not come with the unit, you need to purchase them on your own. The batteries can kill 100 plus rodents and can last for one year before you change them. With this machine, you will be able to get rid of rodents with little or no effort.

When you compare the Raticator max v2 to other rat trap on the market, you will understand why it is the most effective machine at the moment. First of all it is very easy to use and the setup process is very simple. What you only need to do is to install the batteries, add a small amount of bait, and then place the Raticator where the rodents are most likely to hang around. Once the rodent is trapped by the device, the red indicator light on top of the machine will light to confirm that indeed a rodent has been caught and killed.

That is not all, what you will also love about this rodent killer is the ease of cleaning. There are no poisons, gore nor blood to endanger humans and pets. This is the best replacement for conventional rat traps and traditional mouse. Once the rodent is killed, you only need to slide it from the device and throw it into the dustbin.

The Raticator max v2 rodent killer has an amazing design. This allows it to be placed in any place in your home, office or outside.

Lastly, the device is safe to use around pets and children, and with it, there is no need for snap traps and poisons and hence it helps to protect the environment. Therefore, if you have been spending your money on other rat killing methods and have not being working, this is the time to switch to Raticator max v2 rodent zapper.


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