The Eliminator8482 in Review


If you are looking for a good device to help you get rid of rodents in your home, you need a rat trapper such as Eliminator8482.

Here is what you need to know about Eliminator8482

Precision detection technologyrepel-rodents-eliminator8482-2

This rat eliminator device use the precision rodent detection technology that can quickly activate the trap and make sure the rats and other types of rodents are quickly in a matter of seconds. This device is ideal for getting rid of mice, rats, chipmunks, squirrels and others.

It is simple to use

To use the device, you only need to insert the batteries, or just plug in the power cable into a source of power. After that, use a small amount of bait such as nuts and then you are ready to go. The device can produce about 7000 volts of shock when the victim gets inside the trap and this will kill the rodent in seconds. The rat trapper also features an indicator that lights when the rodent is destroyed.

Human and clean trap

You can eliminate the rodents in the most humane way and quickly. The machine works by releasing 7000 volts of shock. This power is strong enough to kill any type of rodent. The rodent won’t even feel any pain and there is no mess at all.

There is no mess and it is saferepel-rodents-eliminator8482

You don’t need to spend a lot of money buying chemicals and dangerous poisons just to get rid of poison. When you have a great device such as the Eliminator8482, it will be easy for you to kill rodents of any kind without endangering your life. You also don’t need to worry about any mess, unlike when you use chemicals or toxic poisons.

To get rid of rodents, you only need to take the Eliminator8482 rodent eliminator put bait in it, trap the rodent, kill it and then slide it from the device and throw it into the dust bin. After trapping the first animal, you may want to clean the device before you use it again. Place it at the initial place for the next catch. You won’t even touch dead rodents or blood.

Batteries and plug in

The Eliminator8482 rodent eliminator comes with five feet plug-in power cable to help kill as many rodents as you can. You can as well use the device with four D batteries. Remember, you need to buy your own batteries because the machine does not come with any batteries.

The batteries will let you kill more than thirty rodents before they start to underperform. In addition, the rodent eliminator also has an extension plugin light that helps you reach places that are difficult to access. This helps you to see rodents that are trapper without you taking a look at the actual rat trapper. Lastly, the Eliminator8482 measures 11 inches long, 4.5 inches wide and 5 inches thick. Eliminator8482 is a great machine and comes at a pocket friendly price.


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