Trapper T Rex Rat Traps in Review


Named after the fierce dinosaur, this product guarantees to work like one. Trapper T Rex Rat Trap is one of the recent additions to the brand of reliable traps. This trap offers superior rat capture with immense ease and efficiency.

The product’s patented and interlocking teeth make it impossible for the rodent to escape under any circumstances. As customers say, the trap is a perfect combination of trigger sensitivity and trap velocity. Its speed and responsiveness leave absolute no room for doubts among buyers.

Only after rigorous and extensive field and laboratory testing, the T Rex Rat Trap has been launched into the market with a sole agenda to eliminate rodents from habitats. With optimum specifications and benefits, this product comes one of the most liked rat traps in the market, as of now.

You can use the trap along a rat pathway or insert it into temper-resistant bait station. Either way, it knows to do its job right. Unlike other competitors, this product assures the safest alternative to traditional methods. Its ferocious grip promises to offer exceptional results only.

How does it work?repel-rodents-trapper-t-rex-rat-trap

It is extremely safe and easy to use the trap. It can easily be set by foot safely on the ground, for it to start its business. All you need to do is press the trap open like a pedal. But, ensure that your fingers are free and safe. Cheese may be placed on the trap as bait but you can also consider using food items such as oats, chocolate, bread, meat, butter and so on. The most commonly used bait is peanut butter.

It also has a removable bait cup inserted from the bottom of the rat trap. This cup can be easily withdrawn and re-inserted without having to reset the trap, cutting down on much of your time from being unnecessarily wasted.

Why the Trapper T Rex Rat Traps

Trapper T Rex captures mice using the most advanced technology on the market. The trap is not just economical but also easy to use and efficient. In order to improve the effectiveness of this product in eliminating rats, it is recommended that an attractant such as Tomcat Mouse Attractant Gel or Provoke a Rat Bait Gel be used and you can be rest assured of beyond satisfactory results.

It comes in size 5.5” x 3” and weighs 3.55 pounds. The trap is made out of plastic and is also very light and thus easy to carry around. After the rat trap’s job is completed, you need to dispose it by simply pinching the two ends together. This way, the rat will be released as well as the trap can be reset for its next mission.

The rat trap is priced at $55, which is not much, considering its quick and pleasing operations. Although the trap is not available in stores, but you have the option of ordering it through e-commerce websites. Depending on the weather conditions, the springs have the tendency to rust. Therefore, it is recommended to store it indoors.


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